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House Inspection Adelaide

What Do We Have for You for Our Building Inspection Services?
You can expect the following in the scope that we provide in Adelaide:
   Onsite inspection that includes the various options that you define
   Verbal and professional advice on your home maintenance and renovation ideas
   Hardcopy or digital inspection report with photographs to be sent by email
   Digital photographs of your property to be stored as your archive files
   Phone calls to follow up with you on questions and clarifications that you may have
   100% Money Back Guarantee unless you are totally satisfied with our inspection
Options for Building Inspection Adelaide
There are two levels of building inspection services that Resicert renders based on the depth that you desire and the type of property concerned.  As a quick guide for you, the Building inspection Comparisons gives you an idea of how to choose the level of services that is most suitable for you.
What follows is an overview of the two levels of inspection services for you to consider:
1. Resicert Structural Building Inspection
This is the basic level of inspection that covers the key structural components of the building.  Visual inspection of the walls (internal and external), foundations/footings and roof framework are covered under this scope. 
Within 24 hours of the inspection, we will provide you with a brief and concise report that summarises the structural status of the building.  We will provide practical recommendations on proposed rectifications for your property where appropriate. 
2. Resicert Structural Plus Building Inspection
We consolidate the report that is in full compliance with Australian Standard AS 4349.1-2007.  The scope provides a more in-depth and comprehensive assessment of your property with the following items:
   Structural components
   All interior and exterior surfaces
   Appliances, electrical and plumbing
   External items within the property that includes car ports, patio, paving, retaining walls
This report is more comprehensive in terms of breadth and depth of the level of inspection. 
Feel free to download a copy of our sample inspection report to have a better idea of what we include in our scope of services.
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